Other selected papers
1. Yang Z, Zhang T and Coote JH , Synchrony analysis between blood pressure and sympathetic nerve signal inhibited by atrial receptor stimulation in Wistar rats. Experimental Physiology, 2002,87(4): 461-468 pdf-9.TaoRef309EPhys PDF(123K) [查看 1485 次]
2. Zhang T and Turner DL, A visuomotor reaction time task increases the irregularity and complexity of inspiratory airflow pattern in man. Neuroscience Letter, 2001,297: 41-44 pdf-8.TaoRef308NL0 PDF(137K) [查看 1570 次]
3. Zhang T & Johns EJ, Chaotic characteristics of renal nerve peak interval sequence in normotensive and hypertensive rats. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 1998,25(11): 896-903 pdf-7.Tao-CEPP98 PDF(809K) [查看 1713 次]
4. Zhang T, Huang C & Johns EJ, Neural regulation of kidney function by the somatosensory system in normotensive and hypertensive rats. American Journal of Physiology,1997,273: R1749 - R1757 pdf-6.TaoRef117AJP97_2 PDF(121K) [查看 1485 次]
5. Zhang T & Johns EJ, Somatosensory influence on renal sympathetic nerve activity in anaesthetised Wistar and hypertensive rats. American Journal of Physiology, 1997,272: R982 - R990 pdf-5.TaoRef982AJP97_1 PDF(2.16M) [查看 1399 次]
6. Zhang T & Johns EJ, Rilmenidine and reflex renal sympathetic nerve activity in Wistar and hypertensive rats. British Journal of Pharmacology, 1996,119(6): 1248-1254 pdf-4.TaoRef126-BJP96 PDF(451K) [查看 1371 次]
7. 张涛,文学章,吸引子维数计算的几点改进. 浙江大学学报(工学版),1993,27(5):673-679 pdf-3.张涛-浙大学报 PDF(464K) [查看 1756 次]
8. 张涛,丁皓江,改进的康托洛维奇方法及其应用. 应用力学学报,1990,17(3):65-73 pdf-1.张涛-应用力学学报 PDF(574K) [查看 1517 次]
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